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Why & When


Pregnancy, labor, and birth matter

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Attention problems may not be ADD

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Get results from successful treatment

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Neuro-Developmental Delay


For children and young adults with academic difficulties, the future rarely holds fascination. Variously mislabeled “problem children”, with motivation, behavior, or attention disorders, these children may actually be suffering from an undetected neuro-physiological (physical) impairment. Employing an approach used in Europe for over 40 years, diagnosis and treatment identifies and corrects this condition, unlocking an individual’s true potential.

 Normal child development occurs in a critical sequence of stages. If a stage is missed, disturbed, or incomplete, full development and function of subsequent stages will be delayed or arrested. Factors affecting development may be hereditary or can arise during pregnancy, birth, or early childhood. Something may happen---a complication, illness, injury, or accident---to interfere with efficient brain input and output: a Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) occurs.

 NDD impairs functions essential for effective academic performance. It may disturb eye movements or distort visual or auditory information processing. It can disturb expression, written or spoken. It may also affect coordination and spatial perception. It does not affect true intelligence---although it may reduce the “measured” intelligence in IQ testing. A child may exhibit considerable ability, though not routinely perform as such, thus fulfilling the familiar label, “Not working up to potential”.


NDD Facts

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  • 01 Often Misdiagnosed as ADD
  • 02 Can be present along with Autism
  • 03 Drug free treatment
  • 04 May surface during adulthood
  • 05 Responds well to appropriate treatment