NDD is diagnosed from criteria established by Dr. Peter H. Blythe in his 1979 book, “An Organic Basis for Neurosis and Educational Difficulties”.   The scoring system for these criteria is based on known risk factors in a patient’s past medical and family history, along with present difficulties originating from functional disturbances attributable to NDD. A brief assessment of balance, eye movements, and fine motor function gives added neuro-physiological evidence for the diagnostic consultation process.


Risk Factors

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One or more Acquired Risk Factors:

  • Pregnancy (patient) – complicated by:
Severe morning sickness  Threatened miscarriage
Accident, fall    Extended bed rest    Medications
Prolonged stress    Illness / High fever    Viral infection
Surgery    Excessive fluid retention    Hypertension

Common Symptoms

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Common Symptoms:       

  • Oculomotor (eye) – resisted active reading
Never read for pleasure    Rapidly loses comprehension
Eye pain, headaches, takes frequent breaks from reading

Nothing is Working

Medication, Treatmentsnothing working 78111394-Converted

Appropriate, successful stimulant drugs for ADD/ADHD

  • No response; excessive sensitivity
  • Improved attention, focus – intolerable physical side effects
  • Improved attention, focus – emotional, behavioral effects
  • Improved attention, focus – no academic improvement

Office Consulation

2 Hours with Doctor, Patient, Parent(s)

Patient Understanding: Purpose, need for treatment

Medical Historyconsul2t

  • Pregnancy
  • Labor
  • Birth
  • Neonatal
  • Infancy
  • Childhood, Teen, Adult

Diagnostic Testing

2 Hours with Doctor, Patient, Parent(s)

Diagnostic Assessment - Doctor administereddiag22test

  • Primitive Reflexes – retained, residual

Moro, Tonic Labyrinthine, Palmar, Rooting, Suck
Symmetrical Tonic Neck, Spinal Galant, Plantar

  • Infant (Transitional) Reflexes – retained, residual

       Babinski, Landau, Symmetrical Tonic Neck