Common Symptoms

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Common Symptoms:       

  • Oculomotor (eye) – resisted active reading
Never read for pleasure    Rapidly loses comprehension
Eye pain, headaches, takes frequent breaks from reading
  •  Fine Motor Coordination – early problem with coloring, cutting, drawing, buttons, tying shoe laces  
“Odd” grip for writing; hand, arm discomfort    Avoids writing tasks
Written expression poor when compared to verbal
  • Vestibular (Balance and Motion) – Motion sickness,

Riding, only if reading    Late riding 2-wheeled bicycle

  • Time and Space – difficulty with time, concepts   
Poor organizational skills   
Poor spatial, directional sense
  • Coordination – Hand-eye issues    Worse with fatigue
  • Other – Bed wetting after age 5    Attention difficulties

Must study longer than peers    Word retrieval difficult