Office Consulation

2 Hours with Doctor, Patient, Parent(s)

Patient Understanding: Purpose, need for treatment

Medical Historyconsul2t

  • Pregnancy
  • Labor
  • Birth
  • Neonatal
  • Infancy
  • Childhood, Teen, Adult

Extended Family History

  • Motion Sickness, Balance Disorders, Underachievers
  • Migraines; Learning, Reading, Writing Disorders

Medication, Prior Treatments and Results

Present History

  • Academic
  • PE, Sports, Social
  • Behavioral, Emotional

Brief Diagnostic Testing

  • Vestibular, Balance
  • Oculomotor, Eye Movements
  • Fine Motor – Reflex Interference

Determination, Confirmation of NDD Presence

Total of Risk Factors + Common Manifestations

0-8 Highly unlikely
5-8 Possible
9 + Highly likely
12 + Definite

Discussion of Treatment Program

Provides Opportunity for Determination of:

  • Patient response to 2 hr. of talking, listening, boredom
  • Patient acceptance, motivation concerning treatment
  • Family dynamics involving patient - NDD problems
  • Need for parallel counseling, therapy referral

Initiates shift of focus from Symptom to Cause