Risk Factors

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One or more Acquired Risk Factors:

  • Pregnancy (patient) – complicated by:
Severe morning sickness  Threatened miscarriage
Accident, fall    Extended bed rest    Medications
Prolonged stress    Illness / High fever    Viral infection
Surgery    Excessive fluid retention    Hypertension
  •  Labor and delivery – complicated by:

Prolonged or rapid    Induced    Caesarian    Forceps
Fetal distress    Breech position     Placenta separation  

  • Birth – complicated by:

Premature, overdue by more than two weeks
Underweight – less than 5 pounds    Low Apgar score
Cord around neck    Blue at birth    Breathing difficulties
Distorted skull    Heavily    bruised    Jaundice    Infection
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  • Infancy – complicated by:

Feeding problems, poor weight gain – first 6 months
Walking, talking after 18 months    Unusual / severe
reactions to immunizations    First 18 months: Very high
fever(s)    Delirium    Convulsions    Dehydration   

One or more Inherited, Genetic Risk Factors:

  • Family History – Motion sickness    Learning disorders

Reading/writing problems    Underachievers    Migraines