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Pursuing Solutions for the Unsolved
To Professionals:
"A Weight Disorder Resulting from the Unconscious Simulation of Pregnancy," Chicago Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Annual Meeting Case Presentation, March 1977, Chicago, Illinois
"Techniques of Jury Selection"
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
April 1977, Chicago, Illinois
“Utilizing Subconscious Cues for Jury Selection”
Illinois State Bar Association, Continuing Education
March 1978, Chicago, Illinois
"A Technique to Enhance the Recall of Birth-Related Material"
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Annual Scientific Meeting
October, 1978, St. Louis, Missouri
"Stress-Related Learning Disorders in Intercultural Students"
"Birth; In Experience and Dreams"
"A Systematic Approach to Dream Interpretation"
Midwest Hypnosis Convention, April 1979, Chicago, Illinois
"Psychological and Psychosomatic Symptoms in the Organic
Brain Dysfunction Patient," First International Conference of
Neurological Dysfunction, October, 1987, Chester, England
"The Role of Neuro-Developmental Delays in Advanced
Academic Failure," Twenty-Second Annual Conference
of the American Academy of Human Development,
August 2, 1991, Bloomington, Indiana
"The Role of Neuro-Developmental Delays in Advanced
Academic Failure," Fourth European Conference on
Neuro-Developmental Delay, March 7, 1992, Chester, England
"Motion Sickness and Advanced Academic Failure," Sixth
European Conference on Neuro-Developmental Delay,
March 13, 1994, Chester, England
"Adolescent Underachievement - What If It Isn’t Attitude or
Motivation," School District 204 Institute Presentation,
February 26, 1999, Naperville, Illinois
"NDD at Every Age: Academic, Social and Personality implications," Academy of Addictions Treatment Professionals, March 15, 2001, Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois
“Academic and Behavioral Manifestations of NDD in the Adolescent Population,” Professional Counseling Staff, North Central College, October 12, 2001, Naperville, Illinois
“Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes of Neuro-Developmental Delay,” Providence Counseling Associates, November 8, 2005, Naperville, Illinois
“PTSD: A systematic Approach to Subconscious Components,” Focused Therapies, February 24, 2007, Addison, Illinois
“PTSD: Consultation, Uncovering, and Resolution Techniques, “ Focused Therapies, September 29, 2007, Addison, Illinois
“Neuro-Developmental Delay in Adolescents and Adults”
20th European Conference of Neurological Dysfunction
Presented in absentia by Dr. Peter H. Blythe
Chester, England, April 2009
“Neuro-Developmental Delay; Its Impact on Autistic Spectrum
Disorders,”  Autism Society of Illinois 6th Annual Conference,
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, March 2010
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