Why & When does it happen

Events before, during and after birth

  • Diffuse trauma(s) to the developing brain

why when

  • Reduced oxygen delivery to the vulnerable fetal brain
  1. Hemorrhage, separation of placenta from uterus
  2. Umbilical cord wrapped around neck, fetus
  3. Fetal distress during labor / delivery
  4. Labor – exceptionally prolonged, extremely rapid
  5. Under developed lungs at the time of birth
  6. Severe, prolonged pneumonia following birth
  • Exposure to conditions irritating, toxic to the brain
  1. Elevated bilirubin levels (jaundice) following birth
  2. Prolonged high fevers, infections following birth
  3. Unusual, severe reactions to immunizations
  4. Infections directly, indirectly affecting CNS
    1. Direct – meningitis, encephalitis
    2. Indirect – whooping cough, cerebral edema
  5. Severe dehydration – requiring IV fluids
  • Brain development - Interruption, interference
  • During pregnancy
  1. Maternal malnutrition, severe weight loss
  2. Reduced fetal vestibular stimulation – enforced bed rest
  3. Reduced fetal movements – multiple births, fetal restriction
  • Birth more than 2 weeks before, after actual due date
  • Birth weight of less than 5 pounds
  • Malnutrition, weight loss, from birth up to 1 year
  • Inadequate movement, stimulation following birth

Genetic, inherited factors as indicated by

  • Parent(s), many extended family members with:
  1. Motion sickness, balance disorders
  2. Migraine headaches
  3. Learning disorders
  4. Obvious underachievement