Case Study #2 - Ideal Results

Ideal Results - 16 Months

Sarah   Age 15    Grade 10    NDD Presence Score:  19+ (Definite NDD = 12+)

Pregnancy – Severe morning sickness for 5 mo., had to work to maintain weight; spotting at 6 wk. – bed rest for 2 wk.; severe upper respiratory infection at 4 mo.

Labor, Delivery – Long labor, dilation to 4 cm.  induced with pitocin.  Birth 2 wk. past due, wt. 8#11oz.  Distorted skull, heavy bruising, jaundice from AB-O incompatibility.

Infancy– Rapid sleep in moving vehicle; interrupted sleep, crying at night until 3 y/o.

Family History – Motion sickness – mother

Presenting Symptoms, History of Disorder:  Headaches, starting freshman year, occurring on school days.  Whole head pounds.  Past 3 to 4 months, more frequent migraine-type, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, not helped by medication.

Oculomotor:  No difficulty learning to read.  Fourth and fifth grades, eyes would get tired from extended reading, 15-20 pages, would read 5-6 pages and not remember anything.  Abnormal visual effects included reading words from other lines into sentences and misidentify words.  Fifth grade teacher indicated not working up to potential.  Sixth grade stopped outside reading; tended to read lighter material.   Sixth to eighth grades, 5-6 pages comprehension would drop, no meaning to what was being read.  Started skipping words that required much reading.  Eighth grade, not understanding what I read, not getting anything out of it.

Vestibular:  Riding in car caused fatigue and sleep.  Reading in moving vehicle, in 5 minutes develop temporal headache, eyes move erratically on lines, headache doesn’t go away after reading stopped.

Fine Motor Incoordination:  No difficulty learning to write, switched back to printing in eighth grade.  Rapid writing, palm feels cramped after one paragraph.  Aware that writing interferes with thinking, composition.

Other:  Learning Disability testing end of seventh grade – negative.

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