Case Study #3 - Complex, Extended Results

Complex, Extended Case - 34 Months

Thomas:  age 7.9, Grade 2,  NDD Presence Score:  28 (Possible NDD = 12+ )

Pregnancy – Morning sickness 3 wk. - 2 mo., only nausea; bed rest at 2 mo.; emotional  stress; Rh negative; placenta previa diagnosed at 13 wk.

Delivery – contractions 21/2 min. for three hours, no dilation; no response to pitocin, 3x; fetal distress; emergency caesarian.  Had to be resuscitated at birth; signs of brain damage at birth; jaundiced, under lights; cried 24 hours a day, tactily defensive.

Significant history – Never slept more than 45 min. at a time; allergic to milk; failure to thrive, marked improvement after eliminating gluten – weight gain.

Family History -

Seizure 15 mo. - MMR given with other immunizations
speech began at 27 mo.; skipped crawling, toe walking at 9 mo.; conversation at 4 yr.; headaches from reading; wanted to read but vision therapy results would regress when stopped, therapy very uncomfortable; hypersensitive to light, sound, tactile, taste; speech and coordination deteriorated with fatigue; became fatigued with preschool; resisted fine motor activities and printing.

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