What Happens during Treatment?

Theory vs. Resultstreatment happens

  • NDD Remediation – Treatment Program
  1. Integration of Vestibular & Proprioceptive
  2. Complete inhibition of Primitive Reflexes
  3. Promote development of Postural Reflexes
  • Effect on Central Nervous System (CNS)
  1. Sensory systems function at optimal level
  2. Eliminates need for compensatory activities
  3. Increased, sustained energy level
  4. Automatic functions replace “thinking” tasks
  5. Attention redirected to high level activities
  6. Eliminates need for avoidance behaviors
  7. Efficient operation of Executive Function
  8. Function approaches level of potential
  • Effect on Behavior and Emotions
  1. Reduced anxiety, depression, acting out
  2. Increased energy and motivation
  3. Avoidance, diversionary activities unneeded
  4. “Emotional age” approaches chronological age
  5. More mature, independent, responsible