Medication, Treatments

Appropriate, successful stimulant drugs for ADD / ADHDmeds treat

  • No response; excessive sensitivity
  • Improved attention, focus – intolerable physical side effects
  • Improved attention, focus – emotional, behavioral effects
  • Improved attention, focus – no academic improvement

Appropriate, successful drugs for migraine control

  • No effect on intensity or pattern
  • Unusual, especially severe side effects

Appropriate, successful psycho-pharmaceuticals

  • No effect, unusually reduced effect, abnormal sensitivity
  • Unusual, especially severe side effects

Recognized, successful, treatments and approaches

  • No effect, minimal effect, completed treatment regresses
  • OT, SI, PT – good response, Primitive Reflexes remain
  • Vision Therapy – process painful, program successful but gradual regression over time
  • Auditory, Listening Program – reduced response, overload
  • Coordination, movement therapy – reduced, marginal effect
  • Neuro-Biofeedback – prolonged, resistant to usual effect
  • Vitamins, nutritional alterations – inconclusive, no effect
  • Tutoring, Reading Remediation – difficult, often frustrating
  • Therapy, Counseling – limited, not anticipated response