Testing, Diagnostics

Indicate, measure what is happening, but not why:test diag

Standardized, IOWA, IGAP

  • Language skills – high %
  • Reading Comprehension – lower %
  • Unexplainable in educational setting
  • NDD effect – disturbed horizontal eye movements

Testing for Learning Disabilities

  • Elementary grades - positive
  • Junior / high school – negative or inconclusive
  • Verbal significantly higher than Performance score
  • Disturbed cognitive and processing functions
  • Reading comprehension significantly reduced

IQ Testing

  • Verbal significantly higher than Performance
  • NDD reduces Performance score, motor functions, accurate eye movements, fine motor, spatial
  • Verbal score below Performance – auditory processing, verbal expressive disorders
  • May reduce Processing Speed, causing increased time needed for study and homework

Neuro-Psychiatric Testing

  • IQ – Verbal higher than Performance
  • Disturbances in spatial perception
  • Extensive cognitive and processing determinations
  • Indicate behavioral, emotional difficulties that can be resulting from NDD:

Depression, reduced motivation
Anxiety, obsessional thinking
Impulsive, anti-social behavior
Social interest and interaction