Finish, Follow-up

Treatment Completion, Follow-upthenwha2t

  • Goals of Treatment Program
  1. Primitive Reflexes – reduced to minimum, absent
  2. Infant Intermediate Reflexes – minimum, absent
  3. Postural Reflexes – highly developed, complete
  4. System Functions – minimal disturbance, normal
  • Determining the End Point
  1. Reaching above treatment goals
  2. No extraneous symptoms during Retesting
    1. Vestibular, Proprioceptive – vertigo, sense of falling
    2. Oculomotor (eye movement) – vertigo, pain, pressure
  3. Highly recommended – additional Retesting after 6-8 weeks - no Treatment Program between appointments
    1. No regression in retest values – treatment complete
    2. Regression in critical reflex, system test values – additional treatment to reach stable end point
  • Follow-Up Recommendations

Areas incomplete, Inefficiently Functioning

    1. Reading Remediation – develop critical missing skills
    2. Vision Therapy – correct residual visual perceptual, eye movement, binocular vision disturbances
    3. Auditory, Listening Programs – improve remaining auditory processing issues, inefficiencies
    4. Cognitive, Processing Program – normalize functions remaining deficient after program completion
    5. Interactive Metronome, Movement Programs – to optimize coordination and Proprioceptive function

Career and Interest Development

Highland Ability Testing – identification of unrecognized inborn abilities, interests, focus for vague career direction