Treatment Program

Report of Findings - 2 hours with doctor, Patient, Parent(s).howtreated2

Discussion of Diagnostic Testing Results:

NDD Treatment Program

  • Theory & Application
    1. Development follows a continuum from the embryo stage, progressing through fetal, reaching newborn
    2. NDD results in varying patterns of disturbance to one or more of these developmental stages
    3. Movement patterns from each stage (Remedial Exercises), remediate incomplete, disturbed areas
    4. As remediation progresses, efficient function appears
    5. No drugs are employed in the remediation process
  • Remedial Program Guidelines – obtaining peak results
  • Variables affecting response and evidence of progress
  • First Remedial Exercise Program
    1. Patient Response
    2. Common Responses
    3. Overload

Treatment Program – 1 week checkup, 30 minutes

  • Local – in office, Doctor, Patient, Parent(s)
  • Out of State – Skype, video

Retesting Schedule – 2 hours in Office

  • Local – every 6 weeks
  • Out of state – every 8 weeks